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Elevate your digital presence with our custom vCard templates, designed to make a lasting impression.
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Stand Out with Premium vCard Templates. Express Your Unique Professional Identity.

Craft your unique online identity and leave a lasting impression with ‘Your Contact, Your Brand, Your vCard.’ Our meticulously crafted vCard templates offer versatile designs that express your individuality while maintaining a professional edge. Confidently showcase your professional identity and unique style with our premium vCard solutions, elevating your digital presence in any setting.

  • Customizable Designs
  • Instant Sharing
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Real-Time Updates
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Secure Data
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Years of experience

Key industry solutions we provide

Sirixo has good experience working for clients from across a range of different industries. Sirixo can provide multiple services, solutions to any company, including creative website development, creative process , and internet marketing campaigns.

Our Features

Scan QR Code

By scanning Your QR Code, your client can see your details and also then can share your QR Code to others.

Social Media Links

Your Client can follow on social media account. You can also inc areas your bussiness by sharing your social link.

Various Range of Templates

You Can select various templates for your VCards and share to your clients.

Pricing And Plans

We provide various plan from which you can choose plan according to your requirement.

Click On Call

Your client can reach you by just tap on phone number and contact you for any query.

Share your VCards

Share Your Business Information with your prospects directly via SMS, Email or any other ways.

How it Works

Digital Identity Reinvented: The Impact of Business Digital vCard.

A Business Digital vCard serves as a modern alternative to paper business cards, seamlessly fitting into the digital landscape. Created via specialized software or online platforms, it contains essential contact details like name, title, company, phone number, email, and website. Users customize their vCard with colors, logos, and fonts to match their brand identity. These digital cards are easily shareable via email, text, QR codes, or website integration.
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Business Digital vCard

We develop using the latest technologies
available on the market

Dynamic QR Codes


NFC (Near Field Communication)


Swift Augmented Reality (AR) Business Cards


Data Encryption and Security Features

Case Studies

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Our Pricing


Number of vCards
Customizable Templates
QR Code Generator
Analytics & Reporting
Customer Support
Social Media Integration
Contact Import/Export
Branding Options
Delivery Time
Additional Features
Ideal for small businesses 0
Basic template
Up to 5
Basic listing display
Basic layout
Basic search feature
2-4 weeks
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Perfect more functionality
Custom design
Up to 10
Advanced listing display
Custom layout
Advanced form
Advanced search with filters
Basic blog section
Email & Phone
4-6 weeks
Mortgage calculator, Social media integration
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Suited for sell online 299
Custom design with branding
Up to 15
Advanced listing display with search filters
Custom layout with interactive map
Advanced form with CRM integration
Advanced search with filters and map view
Advanced agent profiles with contact forms
Email, Phone & Chat
6-8 weeks
Custom features, Lead tracking dashboard
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a Business Digital vCard work?

A Business Digital vCard typically consists of contact details such as name, company, phone number, email, website, and sometimes additional information like social media profiles. It can be shared via email, text message, QR code, or through specialized vCard sharing platforms.

What are the benefits of using a Business Digital vCard?

Business Digital vCards offer several advantages, including environmental friendliness (reducing paper waste), ease of sharing and updating information, compatibility with digital devices, and the ability to include multimedia elements like logos and photos.

How can I create a Business Digital vCard for my business?

There are several ways to create a Business Digital vCard. You can use online vCard creation tools, hire a graphic designer to design a customized vCard, or utilize specialized vCard management software offered by some business solutions providers.

Can I update my Business Digital vCard after it has been shared?

Yes, one of the advantages of Business Digital vCards is that they can be easily updated. If your contact information changes or you want to add new details, you can simply edit the vCard file or update it through the platform you used to create it.

Can I include multimedia elements in my Business Digital vCard?

Yes, many Business Digital vCard formats support multimedia elements such as logos, photos, and even videos. Adding multimedia can enhance the visual appeal of your vCard and make it more memorable for recipients.

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Sirixo Recognized for innovative contributions in data management and open-source technology with multiple awards.

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