Corporate Responsibility

Resource Management

Sirixo prioritizes efficient use of resources and aims to minimize its environmental footprint by reducing waste, conserving energy, and using sustainable materials in its operations.

Eco-friendly Products

Sirixo is committed to developing and promoting products that are environmentally friendly, ensuring that their lifecycle from production to disposal has minimal impact on the environment.

Corporate Governance

Sirixo adheres to high standards of corporate governance, ensuring transparency, accountability, and ethical decision-making in all aspects of its business.

Green Initiatives

The company actively invests in renewable energy projects and supports reforestation programs to offset its carbon emissions.


Using our expertise in technology, our education programs and partnerships aim to improve the knowledge base of students worldwide. Our seamless and borderless approach has made positive changes within the IT sector globally.


Our commitment to its communities extends to the sustainability of the environment. We invest in many green initiatives that result in direct energy-savings and carbon-footprint reduction practices. (In 2015, we partnered with CF)


We encourage social innovation and jumpstart collaboration among the tech community to provide solutions to specific local needs. We are committed to disrupting for good to impact our communities in a positive way.

Local Community Support

Sirixo engages with local communities through various initiatives such as educational programs, health and wellness campaigns, and infrastructure development.

Sustainable Innovation

Sirixo focuses on innovation that promotes sustainability, developing technologies that address environmental challenges and improve quality of life.

Ethical AI

Sirixo is committed to developing and deploying artificial intelligence technologies ethically, ensuring they are used responsibly and for the benefit of society

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