OpenCart Development

OpenCart Development is about using the customizable features of the platform to build and manage online stores easily.
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Powering Your Online Success, The Comprehensive Offerings of OpenCart.

Your Path to Online Success. Customizable, mobile-friendly, multilingual, with a supportive community for thriving e-commerce.

  • User-friendly e-commerce platform
  • Customizable features
  • Responsive design for mobile compatibility
  • Multilingual and multi-currency support
  • SEO-friendly features
  • Strong community support
  • Regular updates and security patches


Years of experience

Key industry solutions we provide

Sirixo has good experience working for clients from across a range of different industries. Sirixo can provide multiple services and solutions to any company, including creative website development, creative process, and internet marketing campaigns.

Our Features


Tailor your online store to your brand's unique identity with Sirixo Company's expertise in customizing OpenCart's features and design elements.

Responsive Design

Ensure flawless functionality across all devices with Sirixo Company's implementation of responsive design principles.

SEO Optimization

Optimize your OpenCart website for search engines with Sirixo Company's expertise, driving organic traffic to your online store.

Multilingual Support

Break language barriers for international customers with Sirixo Company's integration of multilingual capabilities into your OpenCart store.

Payment Gateway Integration

Sirixo Company assists in integrating multiple payment gateways into your OpenCart store for smooth and secure transactions.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Keep your OpenCart store running smoothly with Sirixo Company's maintenance services, ensuring it stays up-to-date and secure.

How it Works

How does OpenCart development function in creating an online store?

OpenCart development entails creating and customizing online stores. This includes tasks like installation, configuration, theme selection, product management, extension integration, testing, and maintenance. The aim is to create a user-friendly and visually appealing store that meets business goals, aiding in establishing an online presence and facilitating transactions.
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Rafting Your Digital Storefront, OpenCart Development for Seamless Commerce

Our Pricing


Product Pages
Payment Gateways
Shipping Methods
SEO Optimization
Ideal for small businesses 0
Basic template
Up to 50
2-4 weeks
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Perfect more functionality
Custom template
Up to 100
4-6 weeks
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Suited for sell online 299
Custom design
Priority Email/Chat/Phone
6-8 weeks
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is OpenCart Development, and how does Sirixo Company specialize in it?

OpenCart Development involves creating and customizing online stores using the OpenCart platform. Sirixo Company specializes in this by offering expertise in installation, configuration, theme customization, and integrating extensions for enhanced functionality.

How does OpenCart Development benefit my business with Sirixo Company?

OpenCart Development with Sirixo Company ensures the creation of a tailored, user-friendly online store that meets your business needs. It facilitates seamless transactions, enhances customer experience, and helps in establishing a strong online presence for your brand.

What types of customization options are available for my OpenCart store with Sirixo Company?

Sirixo Company offers extensive customization options for your OpenCart store, including personalized themes, product layouts, checkout processes, and integration of additional features like payment gateways and shipping methods.

Can Sirixo Company assist with ongoing support and maintenance for my OpenCart store?

Yes, Sirixo Company provides ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure the smooth operation of your OpenCart store. This includes regular updates, troubleshooting, security enhancements, and performance optimization.

How does Sirixo Company ensure the security of my OpenCart store during development?

Sirixo Company follows industry best practices and implements robust security measures to safeguard your OpenCart store during development. This includes secure coding practices, encryption protocols, and regular security audits to identify and address vulnerabilities.

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Sirixo Recognized for innovative contributions in data management and open-source technology with multiple awards.

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