Client info

Project: Website Design & Development for Cogo Systems

Location: India

Development Time: 1 Month

Target Users: Enterprise Businesses, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), Startups and Entrepreneurs, Startups and Entrepreneurs, Educational Institutions, Healthcare Providers, Financial Institutions.

Client Goals

For Cogo Systems, here’s how we can enhance the website to elevate patient experience, amplify medical service visibility, and stimulate lead generation.

Responsive Design:Implement a mobile-first strategy to ensure the website provides seamless access and optimal performance across all devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

SEO Optimization: Refine website content, including product descriptions, blog posts, and landing pages, to incorporate targeted keywords and improve visibility in search engine rankings.

MLS Integration: Integrate Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems into the website to streamline patient data management and ensure real-time updates on medical services and appointments.

  • Collaborate closely with Software & Technology Cogo Systems leadership to understand their brand identity and user requirements.
  • Designed a customized, responsive interface prioritizing ease of use and a refined visual appeal.
  • Implemented advanced SEO strategies and personalized content approaches to target specific regional technology markets.
  • Integrated a comprehensive Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system to streamline data management and ensure real-time updates on services and appointments.

We develop using the latest technologies
available on the market



Google Cloud SDK

Microsoft Azure SDK

AWS IoT Greengrass

Azure IoT Edge

  • Software & Technology Cogo Systems accomplished a 40% increase in website traffic within three months following its launch.
  • Achieved a 25% rise in appointment requests through the website.
  • Observed significant enhancements in user engagement metrics, reflected in longer visit durations and decreased bounce rates.
  • Realized a substantial uptick in customer acquisitions through the website, leading to a significant boost in revenue.
  • Received commendations and positive feedback from clients, reinforcing Software & Technology Cogo Systems’ reputation and credibility within its community.”
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